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Contact me for information about blog posts, articles, guest posting, feature writing, and more.

My fields of specialty include nonprofits, feminist activism, LGBTQ issues, and youth engagement.

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Need help developing an idea for a blog post or article? Perhaps you need light copyediting or content editing? Are you a writer who needs a second opinion? I’ve got you covered. I offer the following services:

Light Proofreading

This includes the following:
1. Spelling
2. Grammar
3. Capitalization
4. Punctuation
5. Numbered lists
6. Table of contents
7. Table and figure numbers

This is great for writers looking for a second set of eyes.


This includes the following:
1. Style and formatting
2. Accuracy of dates, quotations, and hypertext links
3. Cross-check references
4. Language and visual consistency
5. Organizational structure
6. Word choice
7. Sentence structure

Ideal for writers needing light to medium copyediting as well as additional feedback on organization and structure.

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