About Me

Amanda Neumann, freelance writer, editor, social media manager

Hey, there. I'm Amanda. Here’s a little bit about me. 

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana (& the internet)

Education: Bachelor's degrees in Women's Studies and English (Communication Media) from Indiana University

Professional Interests: Working for an organization or company with a mission I care about, writing (either creatively or technically), learning new things, making the world a better place

Interests: Caring about things, feminism, using pop culture to talk about social issues and create social change, cats (all of them), finding outlets for my Hufflepuff work ethic, queer things, Twitter (@amandandwords), and writing

Presentations: I’ve presented at the National Women's Studies Associate Conference, the Indiana University Women and Gender Studies Undergraduate Conference, Nerdcon: Stories, and The Granger Leadership Academy.

General Favorites: Color – gray; book – Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler; Drink – black coffee; Food – pasta; TV show – Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Character from Harry Potter – probably Neville but Luna is a close second. Also Hermione.

Here are some of my favorite published pieces:
Companion’s Toolkit: The Doctor Who Fandom Forward Toolkit via The Harry Potter Alliance
These Feelings Will Be Over Soon via Femsplain
On Chosen Families via My Kid Is Gay

My favorite irl event:
How To Write Straight Characters panel @ Nerdcon: Stories in 2016 with Alyssa Wong, Nalo Hopkinson, and Blue Delliquanti