Songs to Sing/Scream To


I’ve been very busy with a bunch of (mostly super cool) things. One thing I’ve been doing is interning with Everyone Is Gay and The Parents Project! It’s as cool as you can imagine, if not cooler, and one part of the internship is making GIFs from Everyone Is Gay Youtube videos. I spent a fair amount of time creating the following GIFset and, thus, got to thinking about the badass women musicians I love singing and screaming along with.

Here are a few of my favorite songs to sing or scream to at the moment:

1: Mitski (album: bury me at make out creek)

Favorite song to sing/scream: ‘Townie’

Favorite lyric:

“and I want a love that falls as fast/

as a body from the balcony, and/

I want a kiss like my heart is hitting the ground”


2: Diet Cig (album: Over Easy)

Favorite song to sing/scream: Scene Sick

Favorite lyric: 

I just want to dance/

I just want to dance/

Come on, take my hand

Fuck all your romance/

I just want to dance


3: Julia Nunes (album: Some Feelings)

Favorite song to sing/scream: Make Out

Favorite lyric: 

“kiss me in the doorway/

always on your way out/

I’m tryna make you stay/

so we can make out”


4: Amanda Palmer (album: Theatre Is Evil)

Favorite song to sing/scream: Lost

Favorite lyric: 

No one’s ever lost forever/

They are caught inside your heart/

If you garden them and water them/

They make you what you are


5: Chvrches (album: The Bones of What You Believe)

Favorite song to sing/scream: Lungs

Favorite lyric:

Keep me in your eyeline/

Keep believing what you said before/

I will change direction/

I will tell you that everything’s moving too slowly/

Just another lie, one more untruth/

You won’t ever see through me/

You will still drink it in


I hope you’re listening to songs that make you feel strong and fearless af. & thank stars for leap years because I almost didn’t post a blog in February.

Best wishes,




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