October Review: Spooky Adult Life


October was spooky af. Spooky as in filled with an alarming amount of stress and adult-ish life things. I’ve spent as much time trying to not think about all my obligations as I have actually doing them. Probably more time. Regardless, now that it’s November I’m thinking that I can, perhaps, take a look back and reflect. And hopefully take on November w/ the fierceness I need to accomplish all of the things!

In an effort to help myself both procrastinate further on my looming deadlines and self-reflect,I’ve put together a review of my October.

Things I Did/Accomplished

  • Applied for & got a job at a sweet non-profit (@fwliteracyalliance) as a Social Media Coordinator/Intern
  • Planned (haphazardly or not) my campus’s Take Back the Night event
  • Published an issue of Cat Talk
  • Moved (v sluggishly) from a tiny apartment to a spooky old house
  • Painted my bedroom walls (for the first time ever–and got a rad new poster !)
  • Wrote (1) blog post ! (I wanted to do at least two, but whatevs)
  • Didn’t completely fuck up all my classes (I’m struggling, but persevering)
  • Helped plan a handful of student org events w/ Campus Feminists in Solidarity & Voices of Choice (w/ the encouragement and patience of Lauren who is a gem)
  • Worked at my sweet movie theatre job and in the Women’s Studies office 🙂
  • Applied for the Bitch Media Fellowship for Writers
  • Applied to be a Contributing Writer to Everyday Feminism
  • Maintained a social life by moving into a house w/ all my friends

So, moving forward I’ve just got to get my shit together to enjoy November. Which has some cool/scary/exciting things to offer my over-optimistic (in terms of goals I set for myself) life. Some of which include:

  • I’m on a panel at The National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference ! What? (The panel is called ‘Creative and Rebellious: Feminist Students’ Activism Through New and Old Media’ !)
  • I have to really rock out my classes in order to pass and graduate in May, no pressure
  • Cools student org events (like a book sale & a screening of the documentary UnSlut that we organized w/ the local theatre I work at!)
  • Hanging out w/ the five cats I live w/
  • Continuing the lovely and loving relationships I’m in
  • Writing more blog posts abt things I care about!
  • Finish/start/ahh putting the new house together !
  • Celebrate my bae Alex’s birthday (late b/c I’ll be @ the NWSA conference)
  • Work on Cat Talk more !
  • Start organizing the campus production of The Vagina Monologues (we’ve had community performances of the play the past two year but we’re possibly going to perform another play–yes!)
  • Probably a lot of things I’m forgetting 

Anyway, overall I’d give October a ‘it could be worse but i never want to live through it again.’ I have jobs that I like and am grateful for, lovely friends, really fucking rad partners, a supportive family, perfect cats, a spooky awesome house to live in, and my IBS hasn’t been the absolute worst recently.

I hope that your lives are going alright. Maybe making a list would be helpful for you as well, but no pressure. Life’s going to keep going and be chaotic and beautiful and hard. & that’s cool.

Best wishes,



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