Quick Blog: Menstrual Cup Love


I love talking about menstruation. But I didn’t always love talking about menstruation.

When I started my period at the tender age of 10 I didn’t tell my mom. There was no need. I have an older sister, so I knew the drill. I was scared and ashamed and hit my pads and tampons all throughout middle and high school (like most girls I knew). I rarely talked about menstruation with friends, apart from nervously asking for a spare tampon in dire situations.

When I started college I switched birth control methods from the pill to the depo provera shot. One of the main reasons for the switch was that the shot saved me from the horrors of periods. For two years I was free from the bloody burden of menstruation. And, tbh, it was pretty great (the not menstruating part, not the crazy moods induced by the depo provera shot). When I decided to change birth control methods, due to the shitty induced side effects, I was dreading starting menstruating again.

But, luckily for me, I watched this Laci Green video where she reviewed menstrual products and was introduced to menstrual cups! 

If you don’t already know, menstrual cups are small, generally silicone, cups inserted into a vagina to collect menstrual fluids. Whhat. The idea literally blew my mind and changed menstruation for me forever.

Here are my top 5 reasons for loving menstrual cups!

1.) They’re comfortable as hell!

Seriously, I can never feel my cup. Which was alarming at first but quickly turned to sweet relief. Menstrual cups don’t dry out vaginas like absorbent tampons do. 

2.) They’re reusable! 

Fuck buying expensive tampons every month! Menstrual cups can be washed and reused for years! Eco-friendly af. 

3.) You can keep them in longer than tampons (up to 12 hours!)

Great for sleeping and being in class/work all day. 

4.) I get to see all my menstrual secretions! 

& share them with friends! It’s crazy how little I looked at what exactly was coming out of me during menstruation. Turns out, it’s not just blood. There’s different consistencies of blood, uterine lining, blood clots! 

5.) They’ve helped me become much more comfortable w/ my body!

Being period positive has helped me be more comfortable, and in tune, with my body. So cool! 

I use the Lunette Menstrual Cup and I totally love it. Read the info on the website, watch different reviews on Youtube, and check out blogs/tumblrs for more personal experiences!


However, beware of transphobic language. Menstrual products, for a variety of shitty reasons, generally don’t incorporate inclusive language. Don’t forget that not all women menstruate and not everyone who menstruates is a woman! 

Good luck menstruating!

Best wishes,



4 thoughts on “Quick Blog: Menstrual Cup Love

  1. This is nasty as I don’t know what to actually have a picture of a filled menstrual cup, real or not..when you’re just randomly looking up menstrual cups to know more about them. I’m a woman, and I menstruate but I see this as am equivalent to taking pictures of my blood stained pad, that is disgusting!


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