Quick Blog: Making Art & Feeling Things


I never made Art growing up. Or I never thought I made Art. I thought there was art and there was Art. I’ve always written, which is totally art, but I always felt like I wasn’t good enough to make Art.

Fast forward to 2014 and my lovely partner (@trefelidae-check out his instagram), whose a photographer and all-around artsy kinda babe, is working at an art store and BAM art supplies everywhere!

Tré bought me a sketchbook and I used it to channel feels and make Art. I had just given up writing daily haikus on my tumblr and was feeling creatively aimless. Like writing haikus, drawing in my sketchbook helped me catalog my feels and look back on them later (which is helpful in so many ways).

When I flip through my sketchbooks I’m reminded that I’ve felt things. And I think it’s usually a good reminder, because I’m surrounded by really cool and kind people. Maybe art is better with feelings but, tbh, that’s kind of gross. Art is better with a glorious amount of art supplies and incredibly talented friends (yeah, you) to sit on the floor and draw with.

Anyway, here are some pages from my most recent sketchbook! :

IMG_1045 IMG_1044

IMG_1049 IMG_1032    IMG_1038 IMG_1040

I also just (in the middle of typing this) made an art blog on tumblr. Check it out here if you’d like.

Good luck with your artistic ventures!

Best wishes,



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